Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Crazy Crush!

I and a friend went for a meal  after  an  exam today, it was a nice break from all the stress of studying and anxiety lol. We got talking and ended up on  topic of relationships, currently my friend is in a relationship and they are so perfect together, she found a really nice gentleman. Lol .. I say gentleman when they are really nice. We discussed our past crazy crushes which was funny and also observed how people rush into things when they are not ready. I have not been in a relationship yet and I don't want to because the me right now at this moment is definitely not ready lol. But one thing I've noticed about my previous crushes is how intense they were.I indirectly hinted this to my friend lol. When you crush on someone you are so blinded by the false image you have of them,  you can't even see the real person. That's what I found when  my crushes ended, it's not that my crush had changed but because I had cleared the rosy smog that blocked my view of who he really was I truly saw him for......wait for it who he really was!. What am I trying to say?  
From observations of myself I think people when they first like each other should take time to clear any rosy smog clouding their view of the person they admire. Of course not everyone is like me but i see this as a pointer to work on, you don't want any ugly surprises when you are in the middle of a relationship. That's why the statement "you've really changed", is sometimes invalid. Its not that they have changed, its beacuse you didn't take your time to really SEE .
 my conclusion - Honesty is Key , :D I love chats with friends they always get you to think.

And to be honest am also at an advantage because I believe that God will help me out the the time comes.

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