Tuesday, 7 January 2014


I'm on my way back from work, contemplating if i should head straight to the library or Sleep. On my way to work at 5.30am I saw people in there.. like studying, I was not surprised but it was impressive to see. Now on my journey back the same Asian guy I saw earlier studying by the window !! that's what i call perseverance,  and I need some of that in my life. In recent post talked about how  stressed i am because  of upcoming  exams, well to be honest it's completely my fault. when I had the chance and time to study i didn't. There were some issues going on at the time but i don't think it was an excuse. I let myself be engulfed by laziness and sloth when i could have easily prayed and asked for help. Sighs.. If I let you know the many times i have done this, My late revision history you would be shocked. But at every time God has been merciful and allowed me to do well, like really well. I am currently in my first year of university and these are my first set of exams. As you read my posts you will find out that i am far from perfect and there's many things about me that you would think... why? But I have no issue God is strong in my weakness and as long as I have the faith that he is there I know that in time I will Change. Ack my eyes are soo heavy!!

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