Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Craving for Black Bean noodles aka

Recently some friends took me to a Korean Restaurant ( my friends are not Korean) because we wanted to try something new. The menu was really confusing because i didn't understand it but the waitress was helpful and i randomly pointed at a picture that said Jajaangmun... hopefully that's the right spelling. It ended up being Black bean noodles. O MY GOSH that stuff is the bomb. i ate this i think a week ago and since then I've been having a craving for it.. but its an expensive craving £8.00 is ALOT, i wish they did student discount. Meh, the point is i think i have to learn to make this dish myself. i will post a picture of my sucess or failure :D

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    here you go how to make Jjajang myeon XD