Sunday, 12 January 2014

And God Spoke...

This early morning I was praying and God said to me to make this blog more about him, he promised that I would generate more traffic than ever in my life and I trust that. It made sense, if I truly want to write a blog that changes lives and gives hope to people I should make it based on the one thing that has done that for me. Read my Blog with an open mind, this blog will be about my experiences with God. I am Christian, I believe in Christ and the Bible. I don’t try to twist the bible to the left or to the right; I take it as it is and pray about it and wait on God to speak to me. People may ask, how does he speak to you? There are so many avenues he may use, he can leave a deep impression in your heart, therefore whatever he is speaking to you about stays on your mind and you can’t shake it off. Or he may use others to speak to you, people you did not even expect.
God bless you all. :D I am happy because for one of the first time in a long time I obeyed Gods voice immediately.
P.S Visit this blog with an open mind. I know people have different opinions but be respectful.

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