Friday, 7 March 2014

The Race Issue

Sighs, recently I've been coming into contact with a lot of issues that concern race and perception. This Issue tends to tire me out, the most recent is the #itooamhavard movement. I am not American but I do know what affirmative action is. It's definitely not an excuse to look down on people who have obviously worked hard to get where they are. You would think in such an Institute held in high prestige by most people in the world would be less ignorant. Ignorance is a disease that robs people of the chances they deserve, it blinds people from seeing the  good qualities other human beings have. My                                                                                           conclusion about this issue - Be Myself.

Being myself means
- working hard because instilled in me is a good work ethic
-being optimistic and excellent in everything I do
-being well mannered and confident as I was brought up.
-speaking up when I see and injustice.
-Loving people enough to give them a chance.
At the end of the day everything stems from Me, My Mindset and My Insight. No outside influences will alter the way I perceive myself ever.

Link for #itooamhavard-

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