Thursday, 13 March 2014

Life Changer

Life changing experience....
Okay so last week I went over to my aunts for a week, one evening i was on the bus 81 and as I was sat there something kept pushing me to stand up and talk about my faith. It was sooo nagging it was like "talk about Christ". I was like is this just me talking?.At the end of the day I got off the bus without saying anything. But as I got out of the bus i prayed and I was like "God if you really want me to do this, let it happen again". I may be loud but am not usually soo confident that I would stand up in a bus.
Anyway some days went past and i was on my way to church on a Sunday, i was on the bus and it happened again. I was like are you serious? And this time, with my nervous self I went in front of the bus and spoke to the people on it. I talked to them about my faith and i said "Some of you here may not believe in Christ, but if you are ever in a DARK place call unto him, he wants to help". I left it at that and went back to my seat.
I can hardly explain how i felt afterwards. I can't it on words.
Its been couple of days since i did that, i was speaking to my house mate about it and she said i had to share.
so whats the point of me posting this? well its to encourage people, it may seem crazy but do what God tells you to, no matter what people think. You don't know who you are reaching.

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