Thursday, 20 March 2014

Where are your Bus manners!!

Today was a very long day and i was looking foward to getting home,  taking a nice nap and having a cup of tea. however due to unforeseen events that was ruined, I am home now but the journey back was very much ANNOYING. If there was an award for most annoying bus passenger in the world this man would win it.
This is how a normal bus sanario would play out
you come in, you see its packed there are 1 or two seats left. the person who is sitting already sees your struggle has empathy for you and welcomes you to sit down. making enough ROOM for you.

My sanario
I walk into the bus is packed and yes only one seat, i seat next to this man thinking he was going to move his arms. But did he not, He deliberately made me feel uncomfortable by jabbing his elbows into my arm. pretending not to sense my discomfort. i hate contact with strangers so i tried to put my bag in the way. it didnt work. I was Outraged!! I ended up moving when some people got off but that man needs some better Bus manners. Geez

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