Thursday, 3 April 2014

Freind or Foe

Recently I have been wondering about a certain "friend" in my life, its been really strange you know. I feel like I have good reason to think that this person feels forced to be friends with me. okay lets review the signs?
1) Does not say hi by themselves
2) only speaks properly when other friends are around( the ones that he gets along with)
3) sees me obviously sitting by myself but chooses to sit behind me
 I don't like this type of situation, i am all up for True friendship... i don't like pretend friends, its such a waste of time. I've been thinking of just turning around one day and just saying " you don't have to force yourself to be a friend of mine, just cause we have friends in common". As for me I have no issues with the guy, and am called to love everybody. Therefore I keep treating him nicely, but its getting a bit tiring. On the other hand I guess others people behaviour should not influence my behaviour and alter my good intentions. But I am human, i really do notice it. ahh well... I  think one of these days I may end up saying something, LOL it would probably make things awkward for the friendship group. lol I honestly dislike causing friction! but its cool, its coming to the end of this semester. I have to concentrate on Exams  now.

Are we friends?
someone once said
if you ever have
to ask
this question you
the answer already.

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